Purpose of the Arkkt

We are a Platform that serves specifically for architects. We are showcasing the architects contacts and location information. Also we offer architect reviews, offering services and successful projects for a better understating of their potentials. Customer can search profiles, get advices, or read reviews of the architects to know more about the architects. We are designed to allow customers post requirements for a desire need to be full filled. Through this information exchange both the parties can get benefited.

How we resolve it?

Arkkt was built as an online search platform for a vibrant community of architects and desired users. We have collected largest architects database across India. This platform can reach out for the best in class trusted architects across India in construction segments.

Arkkt helps users to identify the key elements needed to carry out a project efficiently and within budget constraints. It is seen as a source of extensive information. Here are highly qualified specialities which will help making the best choices for an end user.

What's our solution?

Arkkt is providing a solution to bring the architects and users in a common platform. In our platform professional can increase their online presence, get the leads and end user will receive the right kind of professionals to fill their requirements.